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A Brief Introduction to Xiacheng
Creation Time:04/09/2019

Xiacheng district among the core position of Hangzhou City, north of the people's Government of Hangzhou City, south of the beautiful West Lake, west of the political center of provincial Party committee, the provincial government -- station, east of the ancient city of river -- Shahe posted. Under the district administration several changes, the current urban area of 31.46 square kilometers.

Xiacheng district of Tianshui jurisdiction, martial arts, Changqing, Chao Ming, Zhao Hui, Wen Hui, east of the new bridge, 8 street, 74 community under the. The whole area of 31.46 square kilometers. At the end of 2017, census register population 403170 people, according to household nature; by sex, male 200259, female 202911. In 2012 the birth rate was 12.16 per thousand, the mortality was 13.89 ‰, the natural growth rate of -1.74 ‰.

Affected by the East Asian monsoon, forming a light, heat, water and seasonwith good characteristics of mild and humid climate, four distinct seasons,climate, adequate light, rainfall, the average annual temperature is 16.2 ℃,the average summer temperature of 28.6 ℃, the average winter temperature of3.8 ℃, frost free period of 230 days to 260 days, the average annual rainfall of 1435 mm, the average relative humidity in the 74% to 85%.

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